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Welcome to Florence and Bell 

A unique Bell Tent experience to celebrate your special occasions

Surprise your loved ones with a unique party they will never forget...
Imagine their face when they see our wonderfully decorated Bell Tent and their delight when they discover the special adventure that waits for them inside.
Our Bell Tent is the perfect venue for a small individual party. Decorated with oodles of bunting, flowers, glistening fairy lights and whimsical decorations.
You can choose from several different party packages, we offer crafts, fairy and princess parties, Vintage tea party, Into the wild parties (for those adventourous little boys!) and magical sleepovers. Our Boho package is perfect for any occasion and can be personalised depending on your celebration. Baby showers, weddings and Hen parties are some of our most popular.
You can also simply hire our decorated bell tent should you prefer to organise your own entertainment.

The children had an amazing time at the florence and bell party. darcey cant wait for us to book hers! mel is fabulous with the kids. she's really organised and the activities are fun and keep the kids busy and entertained. there was nothing but smiles all round from the children and likewise the parents who can relax rather then feel the usual stresses of a children's party at home! the kids loved being in the bell tent which is like an adventure in itself and i love the fact the parties can be tailored to the child's interests whether its a girls party, boys party or both!

Pip Sellers

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